Sunday, February 8, 2009

Luque's Beginnings

I am a resident of the beautiful and quaint town of Luque, Paraguay and I think that it might be interesting to record and share all of the unique aspects about living and working in this amazing little town.

So where in the world is Paraguay? Well, it is in the heart of South America bordering Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. It is about the size of California and has a hot humid subtropical climate similar to south Florida. The capital city of Paraguay is Asuncion. Luque is a smallish town just outside of Asuncion. Luquenos are very proud of their town and especially their soccer team.

Luque's History
Luque was founded in 1635, and rose to prominence as the temporary national capital during the War with Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in 1864-70. Oranges, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, and livestock produced in the area supply the markets of nearby AsunciĆ³n. Factories in Luque manufacture guitars and harps. Luque also contains soap factories, distilleries, tile and brick factories, and processing plants. Is has become a bedroom community for those that work in Asuncion.

Luque is proud to have the South American Confederation of Soccer within its borders as well as a newly constructed soccer museum.

Famous Luquenos

There are several Luquenos that have achieved a place of recognition in the field of soccer.

One famous Luqueno is Julio Cesar Romero, or "Romerito". He was a Paraguayan soccer midfielder considered among the best players in Paraguayan football history. He was the only Paraguayan footballer named by Pele as one of the top 125 greatest living soccer players in March 2004.

Another famous luqueno is Jose Luis Chilavert. He is considered by many to be the greatest soccer player to come out of Paraguay. Chilavert is also one of the world's leading free-kick specialists. This has made him the all-time leading scorer among professional keepers.

Luque is a quaint town rich in history and culture. I think that it's a great place to live!

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed living here. Very down home atmosphere!