Thursday, February 26, 2009

Over Loaded

Paraguayans really know how to economize on space. Not only can they pack large amounts of clothes into small suitcases for traveling, but they have a knack at loading up vehicles. I thought the truck below was pretty loaded until...

I saw this one. I was driving behind this truck and kept wondering what would happen if the rope came loose.

There is a saying about 'when in Rome' I've tried my hand at packing. This is the back of my pickup truck with 'precious cargo' packed in it.
For all of you safety conscious people out there ... I only drove a couple of blocks...very slowly... in a quiet neighborhood. No teens were hurt during the ride.


  1. I love riding in the back of trucks!

  2. haha, that is some cargo! You really filled every available space...
    I have lots of picture of how Paraguayans "load" their trucks too. It´s always interesting!

  3. On Paraguayan roads, you have to drive slow!