Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sights in Luque

Luque is a small town just outside of Asuncion. In the center of town there is a "plaza". This is where all the youth hang out in the afternoons or where special events are often held.

The day these pictures were taken there were military guarding I'm not sure what they were guarding, but they were nice enough to let us take their picture. We couldn't get them to smile though.

In the afternoon you will usually see a "chipa" vendor walking the streets selling this delicious cheese bread. Pretty cool how they can balance the whole basket on their head.

One block up from the plaza is the town church. This is the 'Virgen del Rosario' church which is the largest catholic church in the town. There are smaller chapels in surrounding neigborhoods.

When its very hot (which is of the time) Paraguayans will sit outside on the sidewalks to chat with neighbors and try to cool off. Terere is usually shared during these times. (I'll post later about that.)

Paraguay has one of the better volunteer fire departments. This is the fire department nearest my house.

Luquenos are very proud of their soccer team whose mascot is a pig. Fans can get pretty crazy when there is a big game.

The most prestegious landmark in paraguay is the 'Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol'. It is located near the entrance to Luque.

There are just a few of the sights you can see in Luque. Did I say it was a great place to live?

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  1. I love Luque. I feel like it welcomed me into Paraguay. I will definitly miss living here.