Sunday, March 15, 2009

Iguazu Falls part V

Near the falls there is a bird park with all kinds of exotic birds and butterflies native to the area. We were able to take some nice close-ups of the birds loose in the park.

They were fairly tame and would let you get right up to them. I still thought it was a good idea to steer clear of those razor sharp beaks.

There is an area where you can take pictures with the Macaws if you are brave enough.


  1. I would never be THAT brave! Great pic´s!

  2. I have eaten Macaws and Toucans. the top toucan looks like the model for the crystal toucan!

  3. Would you mind if I use your photos of the cows and the standing frog in a Face Book album of Paraguayan Peculiarities?

  4. Sure you can use the cow and frog photos!