Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paraguay Newspaper

This week I accompanied my son's 4th grade class on a school field trip to the largest newspaper company in Paraguay. It was interesting.

As we went through the offices, the first thing that I noticed was the predominance of messy desks.
It just makes me shudder thinking about it.
This desk is my worst nightmare!
Thankfully we went down to the basement to see the printing machines. They looked a little archaic, but they get the job done.

I thought it was interesting how they used the old "plank method" to roll the spools of paper.
My favorite part was the big vats of ink. I think some of the kids in the class went home with some ink souveneirs!


  1. Venezuela made the headline! And so did Lugo's kid(s)!

  2. We never cease to be amazed at the way things run in Paraguay! I can't imagine a bunch of kids around all that ink!

  3. Really interesting! Especially the headline of the paper in the first picture: "En el Chaco son desesperados". I don´t get ABC, so I had not see that, but it´s true.
    Those desks really do look really bad!

  4. This is so interesting. What a great oportunity.
    Not so good about the messy desks. makes ya wonder how anything gets done.