Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Elusive White Lapacho

Not only are the pink Lapacho trees in bloom, but the white lapachos are blooming as well.

The white lapachos are not as common as the pink ones, and they are really hard to find.

This white lapacho tree happens to grow in front of the DVD store we rent from.

Another white lapacho is growing two blocks from our church.
I've only seen a few others here and there around Asuncion. They are just as beautiful as their pink sisters. I will be posting about the yellow lapacho next month as they bloom about a month after the pink and white lapachos.


  1. Wow!! Those trees are just beautiful! The rest of the year you hardly notice these trees, but when they bloom, they are gorgeous. The yellow ones are just as rare, I think.

  2. In Luque you can find lots of yellow lapachos since they love their 'azul y oro'. They are my favorite and I can't wait for them to come into bloom soon!

  3. We drove out to Areguaa (?) and saw some beautiful Lapachos in bloom on the way, but I did not see any whites!