Friday, October 30, 2009

Ñandutí ~ Spiderweb lace

Nanduti is a traditional Paraguayan needle-woven lace that imitates the appearance of a spider web.

Nanduti means "spider web" in the Guarani language.
There is such a large variety of designs and colors that no two pieces are ever alike.

The lace pictures in this post is of a thicker thread.

The most delicate lace is made with a fine thread and is usually framed as a work of art to enjoy.

You can read about the legend of Nanduti on this blog:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moto Moto

We are being overrun by motorcycles here in Paraguay. They've opened up a bunch of factories and are cranking them out at a low price many can afford.
The result of this has been an influx of motorcycles circulating on the streets.
It can get quite annoying as they weave in and out of traffic cutting to the front of every red light like we are in some kind of race.

Means of Transport

You see some interesting sights while driving around in Paraguay. Many people do not have the priviledge of owning a vehicle and that leaves them at the mercy of the public transportation or friends who DO have a vehicle.

I was driving home from the grocey store and pulled up beside this car with a passenger in the trunk. I was wondering if he actually chose to ride back there or he was trying to escape from a mobster that was going to fit him for cement shoes. (I have a vivid imagination) Anyway, I was amused!